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Efficient Building Technology

Hawaii’s ONLY Supplier of a Load Bearing HempBLOCK Walling System.
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Fire, Termite and Mould Resistant

All natural building products.
Affordable, easy and quick to install!

Reduces Heating and Cooling Costs

Creates healthy comfortable indoor spaces all year round!

Efficient Building Technology

Hawaii’s ONLY Supplier of a Load Bearing HempBLOCK Walling System.

A revolutionary new building block

Building projects of any size are costly and can leave a negative footprint on the environment.

In a time where both sustainability and minimising expenditure are of paramount significance, Hemp Block Hawaii provides the superior building solution for residential, government and commercial building projects.

Hempcrete is the sustainable alternative to a traditional brick and concrete block home.

Created from a completely natural mix of hemp, lime and water, our load bearing hempcrete block walling system is the only carbon negative option of its kind in Hawaii.

This innovative load bearing building system is engineered with weather-resistant, durable materials to make sure your building project stands the test of time and reduces the impact on the environment in the process.

For further information call Hawaii (585) 635-9263 today.

HEMPBLOCK Hawaii believes that building our homes with natural materials guarantees a perfect environmental balance. Watch our video to learn more.

The European Product Certification equivalents are recognized through IAF & ILAC International Multilateral Recognition Agreements. France and the USA have national accreditation bodies that are full members of these international organizations.

Benefits of the HempBLOCK – a hemp/lime composite

Why choose hempcrete blocks?

Building with hempcrete blocks provides immediate benefits by reducing the time (and therefore cost) of building projects by up to 60%. In the long term, building owners reap the rewards of temperature regulation (and therefore less energy consumption), sound insulation and fire resistance, all from a natural material that’s safe from termites. 

Hemp Block Hawaii blocks optimise construction sites reducing the completion time for projects with a carbon negative building solution.

Use Hemp Blocks for:

  • Homes
  • Infill of high rise
  • Buildings in fire-prone areas 
  • Fire separation walls
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Renovations

HempBLOCK LB 300

Interlocking and load bearing system.

HempBLOCK Veneer

Solid and Veneer.

Our Services

Architectural Services

Our designated architectural team provides an integrated, comprehensive design service based on the HBH Hempcrete block system.


Engineering for a HBH Block construction is available through our partnership with established companies with experience in hempcrete building.

Quotation, Logistics, Technical Support

Our experienced team will ensure your project is coordinated to achieve your construction goals.

With 30 years’ construction experience including 10 year’s working with hempcrete construction, Hemp Block Hawaii is your only choice for an expert, more sustainable building solution. For further information call (855) 795-0012 today.


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